Thursday, June 30, 2022

Get Out and Find Your Victoria

Me, Victoria, and PJ
Right now I'm at Starbucks in Brownwood, Texas, sipping a latté and eating a rice krispy bar in memory of Victoria. 
She was such an unusual friend. Older and wiser; very British; and full of youthful life at 80 years old. She considered me her mentor. But it was really the other way around. We so loved our meetings full of encouragement, strategizing, and idea generating. We were both writers and businesswomen, and always talked of new dreams. We helped each other set and meet goals. Together we were like a happy explosion of inspiration. I was going to help her write her story and she was helping me learn how to shoot and edit videos for my You Tube channel.

When Rick and I moved to Texas from Denver, Victoria and I continued to meet by Zoom along with another friend; PJ. We all laughed as we navigated this new technology, and continued to encourage one another in even more new dreams.

One day, Victoria just didn't show up.

I miss my friend so much. She truly loved me and deposited something so special in me. We hear a lot about finding coaches and mentors to help us along in our life. I'm thankful I found Victoria, and I just want to tell you there is someone like her out there for you, too, if you look, stay aware, and say "yes" to opportunities. I pray I am that kind of friend to someone.

To Victoria, thank you. I'm now smack dab in the middle of living all that we had planned and dreamed together. 

Friday, May 13, 2022

Poem #31 by Christine Tracy - Silence of a Mommy's Love

The divine silence

Of a baby sleeping

Of a quiet cuddle

Of a moment in prayer

For the little one

Who by it’s very life

And first cry

First finger squeeze

And first smile

Multiplies your love

Grounds your being

And changes a mother’s life


Saturday, April 30, 2022

A Precious Gift of Reminding

I received a call from my friend, Debbie, on my 70th birthday. We have been friends for 65 years. She was my friend who lived across the street. The one I loved to play with. We were best friends and you could say we literally grew up together. We’ve laughed many laughs and cried many tears together. We don’t talk much these days. We live far apart. But we easily always pick up where we left off.

She told me she had planned to write this to me, but felt compelled to call instead. She started by saying “When Liz and Ceci (other best friends) and I get together and you come up in conversation, we mimic you.” I thought – this is not going to go well. I couldn’t imagine why they would mimic me. But then she went on – in a high-pitched fun voice: “Let’s go do this; let’s go do that; what if we went there; what if we tried this?” She went on to remind me of who I was in high school; a friend who was brave; who tried new things; who believed anything was possible; and who they all loved because of those things. She said they agreed I’m still that person.

I don’t remember myself that way. What I remember is being shy and awkward; not very popular; one who didn’t really know where she belonged but tried everything; one who loved sports but was clumsy; one who was sick a lot.
I loved what Debbie told me. What a birthday gift.
We all need to be reminded of who we are, don’t we?

Sunday, April 3, 2022

How to Not Get Old

My husband has called me "old woman" since I was 40. He also calls himself "old man". He thinks it's so funny. Many years later, I still answer, "I'm not old!!!!" I only notice the age when I stiffly get out of bed in the morning and look in the bathroom mirror.

Yesterday, I was with a group of friends my age. We all agreed we had never thought of being old until recently.

Something was trying to force its way into our minds telling us we are old; soon to die; and other morbid things.

I'm calling this out, standing in the gap for all of us. The lies of aging have no power over us, our minds, and our bodies.

So, my friends, if this sounds like you, stop the anxious fear! Think young, do what you can to stay healthy, and stop dwelling on something you can't control.There are people who need our love, experience, and time. We need to put our hands to something, and as my cowgirl friend, Ginger Greene, says, we have to "get about it!"

Let this part of our lives be the most prosperous, creative, rewarding, and fun in every way.

I'm going for the fresh and green promise in the verse below! Join me?

Psalm 92:14 - They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Poem #31 by Christine Tracy

You Weren't Ashamed

When days seemed bleak

and dark clouds hovered

and hope waned

and I felt lost and alone; a failure; forgotten

You were never disappointed in me

Never surprised, ashamed, or reprimanding.

Your hand touched mine. You said “I’m here

“I will bring you through to something better.”

And you did.

I'm stronger now; full of hope

Thankful for life and love; work and dreams

I walk in a new awareness

Of you; your voice; your strength in me.

Walk with me now on

 the path you lit just for me.